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IBA was established in 1988 to provide independent expert business analysis and advice to the aviation industry. IBA advises commercial and business aviation clients, aircraft or engine manufacturers and operators. Services include asset valuations, technical and engine management, consulting and commercial services, industry and sector research and analysis.



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Founded in 1988, today IBA advises a broad mix of operators, lessors, manufacturers, government agencies and lawyers. As the aviation adviser market matures, we have developed an unparalleled range of linked services that enable us to provide the best advice about every aspect of aviation assets: investment, finance, valuations, management, operations and maintenance of aviation assets.

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This week’s Newswatch

A paradoxical week in aviation  – on the one hand Airbus delivers its first US manufactured aircraft, and Boeing will look to cut thousands of jobs.


I have just checked one of the popular map websites and it tells me that the commute from Seattle to Alabama is 40 hours by car. I assume from that that the prospect of aircraft fitters jumping ship from Boeing to Airbus is unlikely as an obvious job opportunity.


But that is our industry isn’t it. Globalisation cannot be stopped. That is why IBA opens in Dublin this month, (click to read the press release) and IBA staff will rotate through Dublin over the next six months. The broadest array, in our opinion,  of aviation talent and expertise ever seen in Dublin.


If you are Dublin based, please keep the afternoon of May 12th free as we’ll be at the Hibernian Club presenting our latest market update, discussing transition management and hosting drinks.


Phil Seymour, CEO



Stories of the Week

Great to see no serious injuries in the latest Indonesian incident but it does highlight that safetyisn’t just about the flying, the wider ATC aspects of taxiing and towing are also risky.


Lufthansa sets conditions around acceptance of its second PW Neo. As we highlighted last time forMRO Network, engine selection is a huge factor in the overall financing and operating economics. It is so important that each airline network and routing is properly assessed to make sure the right choice is made and there are still plenty of airlines needing to make that decision.


Virgin America has been in news twice recently, Firstly for its excellent April Fools effort and then as its sale to Alaska was announced. More consolidation then amongst airlines and this one has some potentially thorny fleet integration issues, given the diversity and order books

The volatile times continue as Sol Líneas Aéreas confirmed termination of operations.


And finally… Great article in the Economist about the return of supersonic flight.  Sooner the better please.