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IBA was established in 1988 to provide independent expert business analysis and advice to the aviation industry. IBA advises commercial and business aviation clients, aircraft or engine manufacturers and operators. Services include asset valuations, technical and engine management, consulting and commercial services, industry and sector research and analysis.



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Founded in 1988, today IBA advises a broad mix of operators, lessors, manufacturers, government agencies and lawyers. As the aviation adviser market matures, we have developed an unparalleled range of linked services that enable us to provide the best advice about every aspect of aviation assets: investment, finance, valuations, management, operations and maintenance of aviation assets.

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This week’s Newswatch – 19 Sep

So here we are, well and truly back from vacation time – in the UK the next Public Holiday is Christmas Day –a long haul between now and then, especially coming out of the hottest September day in the UK for a gazillion years  – 34.4c !


Anyway the conference season has started with IBA speaking  on various topics, including the IATA Airline Cost Conference in Geneva, The Airfinance Journal Latin America Conference and the Aeropodium Iran Aviation Forum.  We’ve consolidated the slides into two decks for ease: Costs and leasing can be found here and Our latest thoughts on Iran are here.


We are next headed to ISTAT Europe in Barcelona and then to the Airfinance Journal and Airline Economics Middle East Conferences and will also be releasing our next market update this month. So much to discuss in the coming weeks, including:


-Top of the cycle…?
-Production rate increases or decreases
-Lease extension and redelivery estimates
-Engines, which are increasingly at the top of many agendas.

Aircraft Leasing Challenges

In the latest issues of Airline Economics, IBA discusses the pros and cons of outsourced aircraft management and highlights the key steps to take when concern for the lessee’s operational well-being increases.


Click the image to access the article


IBA AM AE_Page_1


Millions of dollars can be saved through improved processes

In its latest webinar, IBA highlighted four areas where million of dollars can be saved by refining processes and improving communication.


IBA will be attending the IATA AGM in Dublin, June 1-3, should you have any queries.


Click the images below to access the slidedeck and the guide to transitions infographic:


airline webinar

Webinar slidedeck



Transtitions infographic